ICTI Volunteering in India

International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI) offers volunteering opportunity for students and recent graduates from all over the world with the primary objective of sharing their skills and exploring development scenario in India. Over the last few years several qualified and motivated women and men of different nationalities have volunteered with us. Volunteering is offered in areas of technology and innovation management, community development, social entrepreneurship, rural and urban development, agriculture, etc. The programme provides both postgraduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to discover entrepreneurship in India as well as experience the richness of India’s culture. This is an ideal opportunity for candidates planning for a career consulting, national and international development, sustainable engineering, technology commercialization etc. The volunteering helps consolidate their concepts on the different facets of technology and innovation management in emerging economies.

Our programmes are inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling global development challenges. Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action. Join us if you are inspired to take concrete action for sustainable development through promotion of science and technological innovations.

Volunteers come from various professional backgrounds and all of them are catalysts of positive change. They are encouraged to be creative and entrepreneurial, and foster volunteerism for global sustainable development both within and beyond their assignments. They work at the heart of communities in partnership with governments, businesses, academia, and civil society. Many of our past volunteers be it from Italy, or Russia, Europe or America, Far East or Middle East have been able to use the skills gained to get jobs in International Organisations, WHO, WTO, and other UN organisations. Some of them have setup their own start-ups and consulting firms.

Our volunteering will also provide sightseeing and travel opportunities in India. ICTI is located in Alappuzha, Kerala – popularly known as the Venice of East. Alappuzha is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. It is called the “gateway of backwaters” and, is a hub of Kerala tourism.