Research Insight

At ICTI, we believe in the power of research and innovation to make a positive impact on society. By collaborating across disciplines and sectors, we are committed to advancing technological innovations and driving sustainable development for a better future.

Research Themes

Our research is centered around six interdisciplinary themes that aim to contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

    Whether you are an Indian student looking to further your research skills or an international student eager to volunteer and be part of meaningful projects, we welcome you to join us.

    Research Areas

    Public Health & Medicine

    We explore a wide range of research topics under our themes.
    Public Health and Medicine
    Veterinary Medicine and One Health
    Renewable Energy
    Robotics and Automation
    Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
    Smart Cities and Communities
    Sustainable Building Design
    GIS and Remote Sensing
    Wildlife Conservation
    Data Science and Cyber Security
    Urban Planning and Design
    Sustainable Cities
    Bioengineering and Biofabrication
    Technology Management
    Drone Technology
    Water Management
    Nanoscale Science and Technology
    Sport Science and Youth
    Logistics, Supply Chain and Warehousing
    Disaster Management
    Banking and Finance
    Acoustics and Music Technology
    Oceanography and Aquatic Ecosystem
    Intellectual Property Rights
    Food and Water Security
    Analytical Chemistry
    Digital Innovation
    Fashion Management
    Animal Biosciences
    Branding and Advertisement
    Biodiversity Conservation
    International Trade
    Environment and Climate Change
    Naval Architecture
    Food Processing
    Museology and Numismatics

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