PgCert Research is an intensive six-month programme. It is typically undertaken as a pathway qualification to pursue a Masters or PhD in world’s best universities. This advanced research programme, offers comprehensive training for those aspiring to pursuing a research career internationally. Selected students join as Research Associates. PgCert Research is intellectually demanding and students will need to have a high level of attainment and motivation to pursue this programme of advanced study and research. Our Research Associates create impact through their research addressing important issues in science, technology, business and society. Students will gain insight into the practical aspects of their research through deep engagement with the firms and organisations that are tackling these problems.

Programme Modules

The aim of these six modules are to introduce Research Associates to the principles of research, publication, and broaden presentation skills, along with developing an understanding of a range of topics related to research planning which include: scientific research policies and procedures, accessing scientific literature, project planning, research ethics and integrity. Research Associates will also have the opportunity to study intellectual property and research commercialisation.

PDP-1: Reserch Planning and Communication
PDP-2: Intellectul Property Rights
PDP-3: Research Commercialisation
PDP-4: Research Fundraising
PDP-5: Digital tools for researchers
PDP-6: Marketing for Researchers
Industrial Practicum

This module is to help Research Associates to develop independent research skills. The Research Associates will be required to work on their research project leading to valuable discoveries and intellectual properties. Research Associates are required to work closely with advice from their supervising Research Fellow. Research Associates will be required to complete a research thesis, which gives them an opportunity to apply and present knowledge gained through their research investigation.

Research Associates would transfer (disseminate) the technology or knowledge developed through research work to industry, start-ups, producer organisations, non-governmental organisations, community based organisations, entrepreneurs and so on. This aims to benefit the public through creation of products, services, new ventures and job opportunities.

This module enhances Research Associate’s motivation for learning in general and for further research career in particular. The programme includes career counselling sessions, guidance and support in admissions and scholarship for international masters and doctoral degrees in world's top ranking universities.